Ami & Diego’s Wedding, April 26, 2014, Ancient Spanish Monastery, North Miami Beach, Florida

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“Kathy was the best wedding planner we could have hoped for.

Diego and I like making our own choices, so we didn’t think we needed a lot of help finding vendors…  However, we live in Los Angeles and had our wedding in Miami. So I probably ended up asking Kathy for recommendations for half of our vendors. And we used her suggestions in every circumstance we asked. She understood exactly what we wanted and recommended vendors that had the qualities we were looking for.

Kathy is incredibly organized and detail-oriented, which is the reason we hired her; to be the project manager of our wedding. She consistently helped us accomplish tasks and projects before they needed to be done. At times I felt she was getting things done too early, but when the week before the wedding arrived, I was elated that we had so little to do! Diego and I went to Miami the week before the wedding and actually got to spend a lot of relaxing time with family and friends because Kathy was so insistent on getting things done early.

We cannot give enough wonderful praise for Kathy’s fantastic wedding planning skills. Our wedding day truly was the best day of my life and my husband’s life this far, and Kathy help make it! If you are on-the-fence about getting a wedding planner, go with Kathy and you will be making a great choice for the best day of your life.”  Ami

Ami and Diego with Wedding Planner, Kathy, from Weddings by Kathleen


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