Quick Guide to Tipping Your Wedding Vendors

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As a wedding planner, I get asked this question quite often: “Who do I have to tip, and how much do I have to tip them?”

A tip is a voluntary amount of money given in exchange for a service performed. Gratuity is solely at your discretion. While giving gratuities is not required, it is good etiquette to do so.

Here are some guidelines for tipping your wedding vendors.

Vendors Who Should Be Tipped

• Your hair stylist
• Your makeup artist
• Your limo driver
• Musicians
• DJ
• Valet parking attendants
• Caterer/waitstaff
• Bartender
• Wedding planner

Unless your vendor has been a complete nightmare throughout the planning of your wedding, it’s courteous to present each of your vendors with a tip, a gift, or a thank-you. Don’t forget your photographer and videographer, too. A handwritten thank-you note, a review, or a testimonial can be invaluable to your wedding vendors.

General Rule of Thumb for Tipping Vendors

Have your tip money (cash only) in an envelope for each vendor, and assign someone to disperse the envelopes to vendors at the end of your wedding, such as the father of the bride or the best man. As a wedding planner, I don’t like to handle this task because I am so busy during the event, and I do not have a secure place to keep the envelopes.

Always put cash in the envelopes. You can adjust the tip money at the end of the evening depending on the service provided.

How Much to Tip

The standard percentage for a tip is 15% of the total cost; however, you can adjust this to 10% if you were not happy with the service, or to 20% if you feel you had exceptional service.

Be Careful of Double Tipping

Read your contracts carefully. Sometimes the tip or gratuity is already worked into your contract. You do not want to end up tipping someone twice!

In conclusion, there is a lot of information out there about tipping wedding vendors. I hope this post has helped simplify the tipping process for you.

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