Wedding Vendor Contracts

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It is absolutely critical that you read and understand completely all of your contracts with your wedding vendors. Make sure you read the fine print.

Every contract should have the following information:

Confirm the date, time and location(s) of the wedding event. It is also good to make sure the day (i.e. Sunday) is written in the contract, just so that there is no confusion about the day of the wedding. You don’t want your vendor assuming your wedding is a certain day!

You will want to make sure that your contract contains important contact information for your vendors. Wedding Vendors will NOT be in their offices during events, so you MUST have an EMERGENCY/CELL number for your vendor for the day of the event. Make sure the contract contains company name, address, email address, office and cell phone numbers, and website address. I cannot tell you how many times I have been furnished with contracts from wedding vendors and NONE of this information is included in their contracts!

Fees – make sure all overtime pricing is included in the contract. In the event you want to extend a vendor’s time the day of the wedding/event, you want to know what that overtime rate will be with that vendor ahead of time.

Make sure all details about your contract are spelled out and included in the contract. If you make any changes to the initial contract, make sure to get a revised contract or an addendum to the original contract. Make sure you have everything in writing on your final contract, no verbal orders!!

Method of Payment – make sure it is clearly written on the contract the method of payment, payment due dates, etc. A lot of wedding vendors do not accept credit cards and others do not take checks on the wedding day. You don’t want to have to run to the bank on the day of your wedding to get a cashier’s check or cash at the last minute.

Happy Planning!

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