Bridal Party Roles

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bridal party roles

Your bridal party is the supporting cast of your wedding. Each attendant has a specific job and obligation to fulfill. Here is a breakdown of the traditional roles for everyone in your bridal party.

Maid or Matron of Honor

Your maid or matron of honor (MOH) is your main bridesmaid, and she will give you the most help during the planning of your wedding and on your wedding day. Traditionally, your MOH will coordinate a bridal shower and bachelorette party for you. She will help you shop for your wedding gown and attend dress fittings (and learn how to bustle your gown). She will also help keep all of your attendants in the loop. On your wedding day, she will help you get dressed, arrange your veil and train during the processional and recessional, and hold your bouquet during the ceremony. She will sign the marriage license as your witness after the ceremony. She will also help bustle your gown after the ceremony, and she may say a toast at the reception.


The bridesmaids help the bride and maid of honor with wedding-related duties as needed. For example, they may help the bride with her invitations (e.g., addressing and stuffing envelopes), any DIY projects for the wedding, and shop with the bride for her wedding gown. Bridesmaids typically help plan the bridal shower and the bachelorette party with the maid of honor, and they may be expected to help contribute to the cost.

Typically, the bride’s attendants are responsible for paying for their own attire, lodging, travel and transportation costs, and hair and makeup.

Best Man

The best man is responsible for holding the wedding rings at the ceremony. He’s also in charge of organizing the bachelor party and helping the groomsmen coordinate their formalwear fitting. The best man will sign the marriage license as a witness and may say a toast at the reception. The groom may delegate other tasks to his best man, such as taking the groom to the ceremony or reception site, making sure the newlyweds’ transportation is ready, and packing or returning items after the reception.


The groomsmen will assist the best man in planning and hosting the bachelor party, and they may be expected to help contribute to the cost. Groomsmen can act as ushers and can greet and seat guests for the ceremony.

Typically, the groom’s attendants are responsible for paying for their own attire, lodging, and travel and transportation costs. They all need to be fitted for their formalwear and pick up their clothing from the formalwear shop.

Flower Girl

The flower girl (usually 4–8 years old) walks ahead of the bride down the aisle. She may drop flower petals down the aisle, or she may carry a small bouquet or basket of flowers.

Ring Bearer

The ring bearer (usually 4–8 years old) walks down the aisle alongside the flower girl or alone right before the flower girl. He can carry a sign or a ring pillow with fake bands tied to it.

The parents of the flower girl and ring bearer are expected to pay for the children’s attire for the wedding, and the parents are invited to the rehearsal dinner.

Junior Bridesmaid

A junior bridesmaid (usually 9–13 years old) will wear a dress that is age-appropriate and usually in the same color and fabric as the bridesmaids’ dresses.

Junior Groomsman

A junior groomsman (usually 9–13 years old) will wear attire that matches the groomsmen’s clothing.

Junior bridesmaids and groomsmen typically do not attend the bachelorette or bachelor parties. Their parents are responsible for their costs to be in the wedding.

As the bride and groom, you should be flexible and sensitive to your attendants’ time and expenses. Don’t be upset if you do not receive a gift from them; remember that they are already spending a lot of money to be a part of your wedding. Be extremely grateful, honor them in the ceremony program, and give them a thoughtful thank-you note and gift.

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