Things Guests Don’t Like About Weddings

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Simply put, Wedding Guests don’t like these 17 things about weddings…

  1. Bride and Groom asking for CASH Gifts
  2. Very Specific Dress Code
  3. Too large of a gap between the Ceremony and the Cocktail Hour/Reception
  4. Wedding date planned during a Holiday Weekend
  5. Long Readings at Ceremony
  6. Social Media Bans
  7. Long Lines at the Bar
  8. Outdoor weddings planned mid summer
  9. Too many speeches and never ending speeches
  10. Receiving lines
  11. Seating guests with complete strangers or with guests who have nothing in common with them
  12. Too many Traditional Dances
  13. Bad Music, No Music, No Entertainment
  14. Really Loud Music
  15. Poorly Timed Cake Cutting
  16. Games or Slideshows (Save those for showers and Rehearsal Dinners)
  17. And Most Importantly, NEVER getting an opportunity to speak to the Bride and Groom

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One Comment

  1. This was a very informative article Kathy. I found you from the Planners Lounge site and commend you for getting out there and following your passion for wedding planning. I find all your accolades very inspiring and aim to be as successful as you as I begin my wedding planning career.

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