Wedding Registry Tips

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wedding registry tips bridal registry

Creating a wedding registry can be an overwhelming process. If you haven’t created one yet, you might be feeling pressure from your friends and family. Your wedding guests will want to get you something and will need a little guidance. Here is some advice for putting together your wedding registry.

Why You Should Register

Without a registry, you can end up with items you already have or ones you don’t need. Guests are by no means obligated to buy you something from your registry, but it does give them a good place to start.

When to Register

Try to have your registry completed at least four months before your wedding date. If you’ll be having an engagement party or bridal shower, consider having your registry completed before these events.

Where to Register

Select two to three stores to give your family and friends more options. If you register at more than one store, be sure to check your lists to make sure you haven’t registered for duplicate items. Here are some questions you should ask the retailer before registering:

  • What is the return/exchange policy?
  • How will the store keep track of your registry?
  • How quickly will items be taken off the registry once purchased?
  • How long will the registry remain active after your wedding date?
  • What kinds of services does the store offer if you register with them (online shopping, discounts, reward points, etc.)?
  • Are there any service charges or extra fees (e.g., for wrapping and shipping gifts)?
  • Does the store offer “completion deals” or other incentives? (Some merchants will offer a generous discount on unpurchased registry items.)

What to Put on Your Registry

If you have been living with your future spouse for a long period of time, you might feel like you already have most of the kitchen and household items you need. Are there any items you can upgrade? For example, are you using an old hand-me-down suitcase that weighs 13 pounds even when it’s empty? Think about items you can upgrade or items you wish you could replace.

Don’t feel obligated to register for traditional items (like china) if you think you won’t use them. Think about your everyday life and the items that will get the most use. A quality set of everyday dinnerware might be more practical for you, and that’s totally fine.

What will your future look like? Do you and your spouse plan to entertain or host holiday dinners? Do you plan to go backpacking or start a new hobby together? Think about things you like to do or are planning to do in the future and what kinds of items you’ll need for those activities.

Review your guest list and select a variety of gifts in different price ranges (under $75 and over $200). Generally, pick more items than you have guests. Some guests may opt to give a group gift, so don’t feel bad about picking big-ticket items.

It can be very tempting to go crazy with the bar code scanner, but be sure to research the items you are choosing, especially big-ticket items, so that you select quality items that will last.

How to Let Wedding Guests Know Where You Are Registered

Your wedding website is a great place to tell people where you are registered. Also tell your immediate family and everyone in your wedding party; they can help spread the word to your guests. It is poor etiquette to put your wedding registry information on your wedding invitation or save-the-dates—don’t do this!

Alternative Registries

Times are changing, and while it’s still considered poor etiquette to ask for money, financial registries are becoming more popular and make your guests feel like they are contributing to a specific purpose. Here are some financial (or “experience”) registries to consider: Tendr, Traveler’s Joy, NewlyWish,, and Zola. If you’d rather ask guests to donate to a charity, check out


Write thank-you notes! Keep track of the items you receive and who gifted them to you so that you can write personalized thank-you notes. The sooner you send them out, the better. You can wait until after your wedding to send them, but don’t forget!

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